New Product

Ø22, Ø25 Compatible
Control Switches

- Compatible with Ø22, Ø25
- IP65 waterproof operator
- Easy assemble contact block
- Approval Standard : IEC60947-5-1, IEC60947-5-5

New Product

세이프티 도어 스위치
슬라이드 키 감지 모듈
KSKC Series

- 키의 유무를 감지하여 작업자의 안전을 확보
- 키의 회전 위치에 따라 키의 유무상태를 전기적 신호로 출력
- 간단한 NPN, PNP전환
- 빠르고 간편한 설치

New Product

Fixed and assembled terminal block
Safety protective cover

- Extend protection range to prevent electric shock
- Shot-circuit protection with proximity wires (with insulating wall)
- Cut as much as you need

New Product

Slim Relays & Sockets
Safety protective cover socket

More slim · More securely
Slim, compact design Relay & color bolt application Socket,
Protection against electric shock Safety cover

New Product

Safety protective cover type socket

With protective cover in accordance with European safety standards
Provides a safe and convenient working environment.
Test Hole allows testing without opening the cover.

New Product

K Series New Control Switch Released

- 3.5mm trigger operation section to prevent malfunction
- It can be forced open easily by fusing contact by applying direct opening operation method.
- Protection guard design conforming to the safety certification standard(S2-E-7-2009)
- Various types of protective guards
- Various certification status such as ROHS, CE, UL, K, CCC, TUV, S mark
- IP65

New Product

Lighting Guard
KEG8L Series

- Added LED to existing protection guard to maximize compatibility and tactility.
- It is possible to realize various dimming patterns with 12 LEDs.
- It is possible to check lamp operation from various angles such as front and side.
- Power consumption is minimized with LED.
- Ø22, Ø25, Ø30 switch can be installed.
  • Control Switch

  • General Switch

  • Relay & Socket

  • Touch Screen

  • Temperature Controller

  • SSR

  • Circuit Protection Device

  • Signal Phone

  • Terminal Block

  • Timer

  • SMPS

  • Interface Terminal

  • Solar Power

  • Pilot Lamp/etc

  • Proximity Sensor

  • Photo Electric Sensor

  • Color Sensor

  • IO Connecoto

  • Rotary Encoder

  • Relay

  • Socket

  • Miniature Circuit Breaker

  • MC Life Observer

  • KIS Series


  • Key Detection Module

  • Safety protective cover

  • Slim Relays & Sockets

  • Safety protective
    cover socket

  • New Control Switch

  • Lighting Guard

  • J2